(Image source: Fox News) 
BY JASMINE BAILEY The days of nostalgic America seem to be waning.
Moms are no longer just taking care of the kids, cooking and cleaning. But a growing
number of them are actually bringing home that bacon they’re cooking. “A new study shows mothers are the primary
breadwinner in 40 percent of U.S. households… Yup, leave it to mom.” (Via MSNBC) The study, done by the Pew Research Center
points out that a majority of the breadwinning women are single mothers but a growing number
are married — bringing in more income than their husbands. (Via Voice of America)    The study also shows the number of moms as
the sole breadwinner is up from 11 percent in 1960 — that includes both married and
single women. (Via Pew Research Center) According to one of the researchers — the
rise can be attributed to “women’s increased employment rate and rising education levels.”
The Washington Post reports demographers believe the change is likely irreversible…(Via Youtube
/ s88TV1) … and will potentially bring to light needed
changes in childcare and other government safety nets for vulnerable families. (Via
Fraser School) However, public opinions on the findings seem
to be a bit mixed, especially when it comes to raising the little ones. The researchers
surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. adults about their attitudes toward the results showing
a growing number of moms are bringing home the dough. • About 67% say it has made it easier for
families to earn enough to live comfortably. • About 50% say it makes it harder for marriages
to be successful. • About 74% say it makes it harder for parents
to raise children. (Via Pew Research Center) And interestingly, though not proven to be
a direct result, marriage rates in America are declining. The Economist points out the
knot is fraying. In 2011, only 51 percent of adults were married. With the changing demographics, USA Today
talked to a psychologist who said it is “… important for spouses to be mindful of their ideals
of fatherhood and motherhood as well as to communicate… Men might feel vulnerable that
they are not earning enough money, while women might feel guilty that they are not spending
enough time with their children.” However, as society continues to break down
the walls of gender stereotypes, children are shown to have less gendered expectations
for the roles of their parents. In summary: kids don’t care who’s bringing home the bacon
and who’s cooking it, so long as they get to eat it!